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I have never had better service!  My mom was stranded without brakes and no one to call.  I was in Texas at the time and all I could do is search the internet and find an automotive place.  I called them up, and they were able to help her get going again.  They are super fair in their price, and were very sincere and nice to my mom.  She lived too far away to go home, and had to wait while they fixed the brakes.  They offered her lunch, and made sure she was comfortable all afternoon.  Thanks you!! Such an amazing place to deal with, we will be bringing all of our vehicles their from now on. -Morgan G, Yelp

The last time I came here, these guys replaced my clutch for a good price and when the part was bad, they came too rescue me and my kids, fixed the bad part, and I drove my car back home that evening. Everyone that works here is nice, friendly, and hard working. I REALLY appreciate good, honest mechanics, and performance auto is everything I look for in a mechanic! - Style A.

After driving my old and unreliable car 2,000 miles across the country, I knew something would go wrong.  I was right.  New to town, I took the advice of my coworkers and went to Performance Plus.  The owner (I can’t remember his name now) was very cordial and straightforward.  He gave me an accurate estimate and didn’t give me any bull.  His first estimate way through the roof and I told him only to repair what was broken - not what might break in the future.  He did what I told him and I luckily haven’t had to go back in about four months.  I’d definitely recommend going to Performance Plus for repairs, that’s where I’ll be next time something happens to my car! - Becky S.

We were traveling through Golden and really needed new brake pads before driving through the mountains. Larry and John squeezed us in even though they were booked a week out. Great service all around! Thank you guys! - Ryan Schmudlach

I went in due to a check engine light issue. They were able to diagnose the source of the problem as bad spark plugs. When they were working on the vehicle, they always called to keep me updated on any new found problems before operating on them. I would recommend their service due to their desire to keep the customer informed and also honoring their estimates. - Tim Childress

Wow. These people were the friendliest, most helpful mechanics I’ve ever met. I moved here from Arizona a few months ago, and when my car started to shudder while braking on a decline, I knew I had a problem.
I went to four separate auto repair places in the Denver area, where I live. All of them found about 7 OTHER things wrong with my car, most of which had nothing to do with the brakes. Then they tried to overcharge me to fix “problems” I didn’t even realize were there. They saw that I was a woman and knew I didn’t have a clue about cars, and they thought they could get away with it.
When I took my car into Performance Plus, I was using it as an excuse to visit Golden. Their shop is very close to the downtown area, so while they fixed my brakes, I went shopping! It was wonderful.
The men at Performance Plus were honest and reliable. They gave me all kinds of awesome tourist suggestions about Golden. Then they told me flat-up what was wrong with my car-I needed brake pads and machined rotors. They quoted me a very fair price (several hundred dollars LESS than those other shops), and it only took an hour to fix! They even topped off my antifreeze for free, which was ridiculously nice of them.
Overall, the professionalism I encountered here was incredible. They were honest, fairly priced, and fast. My car runs perfectly now, and I know I’ll be back to Performance Plus the next time I have issues. It’s such a relief to have a reliable mechanic in Colorado! - Rebecca Erin Fornwalt